The clock strikes twelve.

As the moon illuminates a lonely road and the fields almost swallowed by darkness, a hag appears in the window that flickers like candlelight. With her hand stretched out, she chants;

“As the moon be my power

I chant in this hour

Hear my voice, Hear my cry

Come forth from the sky.”

As gentle as a feather a tiny winged creature floats down on the hags palm. It seems to glow as the moon while its wings are as clear as glass. The hag reaches within her tattered garments bringing out a vial which contains a silver essence. “Take this and spill it over the village West from here. Then sprinkle your dust into the vial and return,” explains the hag.

In an obedient manner the pixie makes its way to the small village. Twelve moments later and one of the buildings in the village seem to be awake, as laughter roars. The pixie goes round spilling the essence and as soon as it is done, twelve flutters of its wings fills the vial with moon lit dust.

The hag stands in the center of the only lit room on the lonely road, stirring her bubbling cauldron. The pixie zooms into the room and hovers in her face. “All done? Excellent!” said the hag as she takes the vial, “moon light from the enchanted village, this ought to finish my twelve night remedy,” she continues with a slight grin while pouring in the contents. As she stirs, the cauldron thickens and settles. The pixie zooms once again towards the hag, “yes, yes, you may float away,” the hag says without any eye contact. She covers the cauldron with a conical hat and sniffs the steam through its spout.

The sun rises and the hag is transformed. She walks into the enchanted village as a damsel. Every man’s gaze stunned by her beauty, though she walks on. She enters the chief’s place and greets him with a smile that says, now you are mine.

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