This is a tag challenge by Ally L. Mare who asked me to take part after I commented with the following 6 word synopsis for Harry Potter: “Coming out of the closet; magical!”

Obviously, I accept this challenge!

The rules involve choosing 5 of my favourite movies and writing a 6 word synopsis for each one.

Here we go!



    • Lost his girlfriend then became horny.

Pan’s Labyrinth:

    • She found herself, in a labyrinth.


    • Helping others and accidentally finding love.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

    • The ultimate question, one answer; forty-two.

The Way He Looks:

    • Visually impaired; love at first sight.


These are my 5 tagged bloggers:
Tinkerer Of Words
Suzanne Camfield
Nicola Auckland
Kelsye Nelson
Rebecca Kemp


Do you have your own 6 word synopsis? Comment below.

  • Ally Mare

    This is really great! The Way He Looks really got me! 😀