Reality is a dream but there is nothing wrong with Cai.

He is an average man living in his camper van with his buddy Tim. Tim is a neutered cat whom enjoys all of Cai’s adventure books, especially by sleeping on them most of the day. When Cai is not working at some unknown cafeteria, he usually roams around the countryside or sits at the sidelines of the city, observing and taking notes. Then in his off-the-grid camper van, he immerses himself in some adventure story. Countless fiction blogs, many books and numerous works of art to take over his reality. That is all Cai ever dreamed of life; a casual and temporary job for sustenance, a little buddy, and writing from the sidelines of an oblivious city.

He spends his days alone by choice. The friends he had are a long way from home, and his family disapproves of his distasteful lifestyle. With such thoughts cluttering his previous reality, this choice is his best one.

Cai and Tim will be forgotten, but that is fine, they are not living for the future.

Featured image from Pixabay.

What’s your dream?