Take me for a walk, she always told herself.

She would journey over the hills and wander through the clouds; that is where she always found her home. During the day she made friends with the birds and at night she traveled through the swirling stars. Occasional meteors would create ripples in the clouds and the city lights seemed as stars. She pitied those who only saw her as the girl who walked around talking to the wind. Their lack of sight created a fear within her. Soon she began to doubt her home and her journey began to fade. She fell from the sky and hit the solid ground. Lying motionless her thoughts ceased and time had no sense. Out from the sun’s brightness an angel spreads its wings over the body. A single breath and now awake. The angel fades as it ascends into the clouds. The woman so far from home feels a chill of fear. Though the thought of those lacking her sight soon begins to fade. She now journeys once more over the hills and through the clouds.

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