Let’s make an experimental film.

Last year I’ve realised a certain passion for experimental film. Lately, I have experimented with visual art on an app called Phhhoto. The iOS only application became available on android last October for beta testers. I had long been waiting for it, so naturally I joined in the fun. Now, I have found another creative community. The app is similar to Instagram with the difference of animated gifs; moving images. While the users have greatly increased, I believe it is still quite niche.

As a kid I have always enjoyed experimenting (more like breaking stuff). Apps like Phhhoto and Twitter have given me the opportunity to not only express myself creatively but also find a community.

As a result to creating online content, I have come up with ideas for an experimental film. While I do upload such content to YouTube, Instagram, or Phhhoto, I hope to eventually produce an experimental film for festivals.

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