Autumn Journey is the start of Ar’s dream.

Ar is a young man in his late twenties. He left his life behind for a journey he dreamed of as a child. With a backpack and a few supplies he wanders through a land he thought he knew. The night approaches and soon he encounters a tiny house on a hill. There was an odd thought that crossed his mind as several ravens flew by. He walks on and knocks at the door. To his surprise the door creaks open and the place seems abandoned. There is no harm in staying for a night, he thought.

Ar settles his backpack opposite the fireplace and begins clearing away the Autumn leaves. A stack of logs rests beside the fire-place, without a thought he sets it up and lights the fire with his father’s Zippo.

The wind begins to howl against the house as Ar sits in the amber lit room. The few things inside the room are a bed, bookshelf, basin, and an old rug which Ar is sitting on. He crawls to his backpack for some food and creases the rug revealing a metal ring. Ar’s curiousity takes a hold of him as he forgets about the food. He moves the rug away and finds a wooden trapdoor. He pulls at the metal ring but the door would not budge. With the ring raised Ar notices a keyhole. He spends the night searching around the room and trying to pick the lock but with no success.

As a storm rages on through the next day, Ar wonders about this little room as his stay is prolonged.

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  • I really like this, please do serialize this! Where’s the key?!?