It’s the day! Here’s a micro Christmas story for the holidays.

May you have your own peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 


I think I’ll go out to celebrate this day, he thought to himself as he grabbed his hazel jacket. He stepped into the cold outdoors and began his walk, his boots leaving a thick trail of prints. Snow flakes fell gently on the leaves, but he soon disrupted the scene with a swift gesture. He sat below a tree in a quiet park and reflected. Isn’t it wonderful that everyone stays inside for warmth while I lay here alone, yet I know I have a warm place, a wonderful place within myself. Though at times it may be clouded, the haze brings forth thoughts of change. Without another thought, he tucked his hands tightly into the jacket and fell asleep. His mind began to drift into a land of enchantment, a white Christmas. Then suddenly he was woken by a stranger and realized that he was living a dream.

How’s your Christmas?