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Lonely Video

As I was browsing my old likes on Vimeo I came across this little gem. Originally, a friend had linked it to me on Facebook back in 2012. The video is an entirely simple timelapse yet the colours and background create such a soothing atmosphere.

The first time I watched the video I assumed that the drink was a shot of whiskey, yet it is only now that I realise that there is no inclination that the beverage is alcoholic. It could be the fact that the first time I had seen this I was in a phase when I particularly found comfort in a nice shot of whiskey, together with lone dancing in my room. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy dancing in my room, however my alcohol consumption is now limited to beer entirely as a personal choice.

What I would like to point out is the fact that although there is no real story to the video, I could still relate to it in two different times of my life. And I believe that that is what makes this short film a successful one; as I had mentioned previously that stories do not necessarily require a conventional three act structure.


What are your thoughts about this video’s timelessness?


Sometimes it all comes down to a single word. A word of such profound stories yet it has none. The word lingers hindering others from progressing and as you think that the end has come, there it is; nothing.

Reverie Short Film

The short film that I would like to show you today, takes me back about 10 years ago. Not only because the school uniform in this film was part of my childhood, but especially because daydreaming was a more vivid part of my life back then. I mean, it pretty much still is (especially during some lectures) but I feel that the experience changed along the years.

I was not particularly popular back then, or maybe I was depending on how you look at it. I was the shortest kid on the playground going round whispering stories into the wind, and frankly I did not care what my classmates thought of me.

With such brilliant use of cinematography and talent that is what this film managed to portray to me; nostalgia of my childhood imaginary friends.


How does this film relate to you?


He gracefully danced at the edge, just almost tipping over. His confidence kept his soul alive. And now at the bottom of what seemed so far; his eyes wide and dry with everyone else’s disapproval.

Instagram – A Short Film

We all know what Instagram is and its purpose, however I feel that the following is an excellent short film that shows social media as a tool that individuals may use to bring out creativity. That creativity does not necessarily involve using the platform through its regular form.

This short film uses Instagram as a resource to tell a story of different places and people around the world from the perspective of the general public. There are multiple photographs of the same location, yet the filter and colouring of each image give the place a unique identity.

I think that the uniqueness of each picture is what keeps us double tapping on an image even though we have seen it countless other times; for example sunset photographs.


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